Birchwood 10 Year Anniversary & an Ode

video by Helena Tsitouras, poem by Erin Wainwright

Ten years ago, a contest was held to name the newest school in the Lester B. Pearson family, and a little birch forest became its legacy.

An Ode by Erin Wainwright

Ten years ago, a contest was held to name the newest school in the Lester B. Pearson family and a little birch forest became our legacy.

Our first year was difficult, we had a name but no building. Our school was still under construction at the end of August and as September, October and then November went by, our staff and students were separated between four neighbouring schools who were kind enough to take us in.

Finally, on a cold day in December, it was ready. Reporters greeted us as we entered our building for the first time. The big red bow on the front of our new home welcomed us on our very first day. At last, Birchwood Elementary had opened its doors and its heart.

It didn’t take long for us to begin searching for an identity of our own. We worked hard to discover who we were and how to create our own traditions and culture with children from many different schools.

It began with a kindergarten child designing and giving life to our mascot by winning Birchwood’s first ever drawing contest! Duke the owl had made his grand appearance!

We then created a time capsule with treasures and memories from that first year!

As time went by, we watched as our students, staff and parent volunteers beautified our building with the help of local artists. Creating the tradition of leaving a little piece of themselves behind for future generations to enjoy.

There is much to be proud of, celebrate and remember;

Our students, now active, involved and engaged, members of Peace Pals, Green Team and Club Energy. We have Robotics, Little Green Thumbs and Jr.-Caretakers, future leaders, environmentalists and decision makers.

Drumming and sing-alongs, talent shows, plays. P.J breakfasts and carnival days. Sleep away camps and Omnikin games, recipe books and school wide themes.

A basketball faceoff with the Alouettes, charitable teachers shaving their heads. Meeting Olympians and watching the Games, ice bucket challenges and fulfilling dreams.

We are the home of gardens and bunnies and bees. Our beloved pups, Cricket and our sweet little Sully.

Gr. 6’s who confidently give open house tours, who are then cheered through the halls as they leave us and exit our doors.

A first COVID grad, with a song and tears. Another held last year without guests due to fears.

Through hardship we remain dedicated, hardworking, passionate souls.

We are Star Players, Artists of the Month and wise, Wise Owls.