Why Being an
Elementary School Principal is the
Best Job in the World:
Our Top Ten Reasons

Elaine Fraser • Joanne Malowany • Wusua Mitchell • Michael Rabinovitch 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an elementary school principal? We asked four current and former principals why they thought being an elementary school principal was the best job ever.


1. Being part of a great community – It is a privilege to experience daily professional life surrounded by amazing people. From the students, staff, parents and all the other wonderful people that contribute to making our school the very best. It’s a place where I feel I actually make a difference.
2. Hugs – What a great way to start the day, end the day or a pick-me-up midday! When a little one reaches out and gives you a spontaneous hug, it always brightens up my day and warms the heart.
3. Sharing – I get to welcome our students each morning and share stories and lessons throughout each school day. I’m continuously learning from these amazing kids.
4. Collaboration – It is such a pleasure to collaborate with young minds. I get to work with students, organize assemblies, and participate in projects that help create an awesome and collaborative school community.
5. Energy – What a pleasure to be part of a school community with such great and positive energy. Great ideas, fabulous initiatives, excellent mistakes, the best learning journey for everyone.
6. Solving problems – I feel so lucky that I have the opportunity to empower others to problem solve and support them on their journey. I feel fortunate to be sitting in a seat that has so much impact on so many people.
7. Enjoying the little things – It’s the innocence and tenderness of the children; getting a huge smile when you send them a wave or thumbs up across the hall or through the door of their classroom, hearing them say that you are the best principal ever because you gave everyone a school-wide treat or extended recess.
8. The variety – I can easily tell you that no two days are the same. I walk into the school building in the morning, blink, and suddenly it is already the end of the day. It’s a fun ride of unexpected twists and turns.
9. Reliving glory days at recess – I get to play champ every recess with different grades and relive the glory days of my own elementary years.
10. TCBY – Who wouldn’t love getting ice cream delivered to their door every two weeks?! Thank goodness for graduation fundraisers!