Learn How To Prepare Your Personal Income Tax Returns

by Sonia Ruivo

Income tax time is rapidly approaching with the April 30th deadline to submit your tax returns. The LBPSB’s Business Solutions Group is offering the “Preparing Personal Income Tax Returns” course so you can learn how to file your returns using ProFile.


Held online, the 52-hour course will teach you how to

• Use ProFile to prepare and submit your personal income tax returns

• Accurately enter information and data on forms

• Group documents according to the order in which the information must be input

• Include all data

• Verify that data is correctly entered

• Correct errors detected by the software

• Respond appropriately to suggestions given by the software

• Correctly use the software function aimed at minimizing the amount of tax to be paid by spouses

• Correctly assemble documents to be submitted with tax returns.

• E-file returns

Courses are open to everyone and are held Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. The next course starts on February 22. Cost is $20.
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