2022 Edition of
Staff Appreciation Week at the LBPSB

by Helena Tsitouras with remarks from Chair Judy Kelley and D.G. Cindy Finn

This year, Staff Appreciation week LBPSB took place during the week of February 14. All employees were celebrated for the hard work they do throughout the year. 

Employees were invited to take part in free virtual wellness and fitness courses. Staff were also gifted branded tote bags with personalized letters for each school consisting of many thank you messages collected from the community! Students across the LBPSB also contributed their own messages of thanks for different staff groups. These clips were compiled to create a big thank you message to our staff. To show their own appreciation, Director General Cindy Finn and Chairperson Judith Kelly have also written their personal message of thanks below. Here’s to the LBPSB staff who day in and day out show up and make a difference in the lives of students, colleagues, and in their greater community. May you feel recognized and celebrated this week!

Thank you. Two simple words that convey so much meaning and emotion. Two small words that serve as a starting point for recognizing the amazing work that you do each and every day.
Thank you for being such a powerful force in our students’ success. You help to create and maintain the optimal conditions for teaching and learning, and on a daily basis, you strive to inspire, engage, and empower. Because of you, our students can thrive.
You are truly amazing. And you are appreciated. Every day.

Cindy Finn
Director General of the LBPSB

February is the month to celebrate our appreciation of our teachers and all staff. We value and respect the work you do for the LBPSB students. We admire your dedication and commitment to your profession which is clearly revealed through the way our students celebrate their learning and their gratitude for everything you do for them in their unique ways. Yes, it is a month to appreciate all you do, but please know, this admiration extends beyond a week or month of recognition and is treasured every day of every school year.

Judy Kelley

Chair of the LBPSB