Adult Learners’ Week at the L.B.P.S.B.

by Helena Tsitouras

The Lester B. Pearson School Board recently celebrated its annual Adult Learners’ Week.

The celebration to honour our students in Continuing Education took place during the week of April 11th. Each of our Adult and Vocational centres participated. “This event gives us an opportunity to celebrate all our adult learners for their courage and perseverance.” said Maggie Soldano, Director of Continuing Education at the LBPSB.

This year, LBPSB held its second annual Adult Learners’ Week Virtual Celebration. Each centre was tasked with selecting 10 outstanding students who each received Adult Learners’ Week certificates as a recognition of their perseverance, strength, and commitment they have exemplified throughout their studies.

The event also featured a number of guest- speakers such as LBPSB Director General Cindy Finn, and Chairperson of the Council of Commissioners Judith Kelley, amongst others. Each school and centre was also asked to nominate a guest speaker to represent their school. These speakers shared their inspirational stories of their own academic journeys. “I am especially grateful to the students from each Centre who came forward to share their stories with us for our virtual gala event. They inspire us all!” said Maggie Soldano.