Submission: Christmas Park Lunch Supervisors Receive Thank You from Ukrainian Community

The Christmas Park Lunch Supervisors received a thank-you from a member of the Ukrainian community and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of St. George, Valentina Hayduk, for cards that students in their care wrote:

Hello Martha,

A huge, personal, thank you, to your Lunch Supervisors, for their guidance, in these beautiful welcoming cards.

It was a brilliant idea that will be shared at the Trudeau Ukrainian kiosk. The effort that was put into each unique message is incredible.
We are especially impressed that some of the messages are written in the Ukrainian language.

A special kiosk has been set up at Trudeau airport to welcome new arrivals.

They are greeted by members of the Ukrainian community and employees from Quebec’s immigration ministry with instructions on how to proceed to get their health insurance card, a work permit and housing if needed.
There is dining area, where they can relax and wait for their turn for processing.

The Christmas Park cards will be left permanently, on the tables, for them to enjoy.

Hugs to all the children in the Lunch Programme.

This is a very difficult time for all Ukrainians . We are all preoccupied with the war in Ukraine.

Blessings to all of you 🙏
Valentina Hayduk

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