Beyond the To-Do List

by Mylaine Cardin,

Pedagogical Consultant, Healthy, Safe, Caring Schools

Presenting an example of a colleague’s dedication to the well-being of students.

I am privileged to work with amazing colleagues who strive daily to support our students and school teams. They often go above and beyond what people expect from them.
Let me tell you about one of them: Vicky Stuhec, an occupational therapist working for the Student Services Department (SSD).
Last June, a grade 5 class from Beacon Hill Elementary School had an exciting end-of-year outing planned for everyone to enjoy. The class had organized a fun bike ride and a picnic to celebrate students’ accomplishments during the tumultuous 2021-2022 school year. In this class, there was a student who presented with a severe mobility impairment and for whom, unfortunately, sitting on a bicycle and pedaling was impossible. Vicky, who had worked with the student during the year, knew that this young person deserved to take part in the school trip just like the other students in the class.

She found a special bicycle with a basket large enough for the student to sit in. Along with her husband, they made modifications to the basket to accommodate the student safely. She went on to organize the special delivery, training the teacher to ride this bike, securing transportation with the help of a colleague in SSD, and coordinating this endeavor!
This special day became reality last June, with dazzling smiles!

I wanted to share one inspiring example with the LBPSB community. There are many more caring and dedicated professionals I work with, who believe all children should have the opportunity to experience success regardless of their exceptionalities. Congratulations Vicky!
You have all my respect and admiration.
Random Acts of Kindness: Be kind, acknowledge colleagues!