Life is a Blank Canvas

If you are looking for an Artist point of view, ESD’s Frank Caracciolo is a person you need to meet and this month we are highlighting some of the Art Consultants projects and practices as we start the new school year.

Frank came to the board six years ago and works in The Educational Service Department to support teachers and schools working on projects in the four arts. (Music, Dance, Theatre and Visual Arts) He is also the lead administrator for The Culture in Schools Programs at the board where he works with the Ministry to allocate funding to bring in cultural resources to our schools. These workshops help students to gain experience and exposure to arts and culture.

During the pandemic Frank created the Blank Canvas Podcast for the board that allows behind the scenes interviews with students, artists, teachers and administrators making a difference in our school board. The name originates from the idea of a starting point. A blank canvas can become many things and with that idea the podcast was launched and is now in its third season available on Apple and Spotify.

His real joy is bringing the arts to our schools. Creating workshops and supporting teachers with their ideas and practices in the arts. Often giving hands on demonstrations with students and teachers. Frank’s passion for the arts is evident in his approach to education, he believes it’s all art. Problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration are at the core of all the arts and integrating art into the other disciplines is a key component in his philosophy. With emphases on cultural studies he believes art making and experiencing the arts are the fastest way to keep students engaged.
When not at the board Frank is a practicing abstract artist, with exhibitions and works in collections around the world. He is always happy to speak with students at career days and workshops to continue to share the important impact the arts have in our lives. You can contact Frank through the Educational Service Department for more information on workshops and grants. If you ask him the best thing we can do to help society, he will tell you, “Make Art!”