Chairperson’s Report to Council for August 2022

by Judy Kelley, Chairperson, LBPSB

The following is a passage taken from UNESCO.ORG:

Education is a basic human right that works to raise people out of poverty, level inequalities and ensure sustainable development. But worldwide, 258 million children and youth are still out of school for social, economic and cultural reasons. Education is one of the most powerful tools in lifting excluded children and adults out of poverty and is a stepping stone to other fundamental human rights. It is the most sustainable investment. The right to quality education is already firmly rooted in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and international legal instruments, the majority of which are the result of the work of UNESCO and the United Nations. (

That said …

As we are feeling the excitement and buzz in the August air about the return to classes tomorrow, I ask that we pause and reflect on how privileged we are to be part of the LBPSB. Across our territory, from Verdun to the Ontario border, in each of our schools and centres, excellence in learning is our ongoing vision while ensuring a safe and caring place to learn and to receive an education – a fundamental human right.

The work that has taken place during the summer break and in the recent weeks leading up to the launch of the 2022-23 school year to provide a positive and welcoming return for all is very much appreciated and will not go unnoticed:  summer capital projects and caretaking initiatives, schools and centres and their warm welcoming back gestures for staff and students, home and school providing treats for their school communities, first day and first week and first month lesson preparations, smiles and nervous jitters … and contingency plans … just in case …

We are particularly grateful for the numerous hours dedicated LBPSB employees have spent on transportation negotiations in recent weeks and days and hours that will benefit approximately 60% of our students who are bussed to school each year. The uncertainty about bus service, alone, can be unsettling for many families who may be facing other back-to-school stresses as well. We understand and acknowledge these difficulties.

We cannot anticipate all of the other challenges that may await us in the upcoming school year, but we are ready for the hard and rewarding work necessary to fulfill our commitment to educational success in all sectors of education our board serves. We will work together with patience and kindness to support the LBPSB community to be the best it can be, and something never to be taken for granted.