Daycare Appreciation

by Martha Farley

When things get tough the tough get going and that definitely applies to our lunch and daycare staff. Through thick and thin, this group of employees has demonstrated their dedication to their job, but more importantly to the children.

Parents drop their children off with daycare staff knowing that their children will be safe and well looked after. Every day of every year, this group of employees steps up and handles whatever may come with care and humor.

I have been a daycare technician for nearly eleven years and have witnessed the dedication and spirit that is ingrained in these staff members. In times of crisis there is a calm about them, and a “there is something to be done, let’s do it” kind of attitude. They jump right into action. Snowstorms, ice storms, pandemics… it’s just another day in daycare! The women who run the daycares and who work in them really are prepared for anything, it seems.

We daycare technicians should be so proud of our staff and what they do for our communities. Without the incredible daycare educators, a lot of parents would be stuck in difficult situations, as many have no other choice but to send their children to daycare.

I want to thank my staff for caring so deeply about the children and being concerned about their health and safety. The ones who make daycare fun and are always happy and have only joy to spread. Cheers to our daycare staff across the board, for your hard work, dedication, and spirit!