In Person Events are Back
for Young Athletes!

by Helena Tstouras

The Lester B. Pearson’s annual Junior Cross Country Run and Track and Field events were once again able to take place in-person with many of our Elementary Schools across the board participating.

Over the last two years, it took creativity and innovation to keep this tradition going. In 2020 the events took place virtually, and in 2021 they were held within schools. This year, all participants, from students, staff, and volunteers, were excited to finally come together once again.
The annual Junior Cross Country run took place on May 9th and 10th. 3500 students from 22 elementary school participated from K4 to Grade 3, marking this the first year our K4 athletes were able take part in the race. The event was held in Rhian Wilkinson Park at Dorset Elementary school where two trails were mapped out, a 1.5 km trail for Grades 1-3, and a shorter 750 m trail for the K4 and K5 students.

Images from the Junior Cross Country Run

Derek Lagimodiere, the Physical Education teacher at Beacon Hill Elementary School noted that “the students have not had many field trips in the last couple of years, and for the Jr. Cross-country Run, it was some students’ first field trip anywhere.” St. John Fisher Junior’s Physical Education teacher, Kyle Graham added by saying “Junior Cross Country Run was our first whole school field trip where we didn’t have to worry about bubbles. Kids were allowed to play freely. Quality memories could be made with butterflies in stomachs that came from a long run instead of germs.”


Images from the Track and Field event

The annual Track and Field event took place in early June with 30 LBPSB elementary schools participating over two days. 3200 students from grades 4-6 competed in several events such as running events like 800m, 100m, hurdles and relays, and Track events such as High Jumps, Javelin, Shot Put and much more. This was the first year it was hosted at George Springate Park next to Pierrefonds Community High School, with some very special volunteers offering a helping hand, PCHS’ Sport Admin Students.
“Having these events happen in person are so important to the students, staff, parent volunteers, and everyone else involved. The excitement that is in the school leading up to the day is awesome!” Explained Lagimodiere, “You can see the joy and excitement on everyone’s face while they are participating. Everyone leaves the event happy. These are experiences that everyone remembers for a very long time!”
Both events were success thanks to all those involved. The Jr Cross-Country event was supported by Dorset Elementary School, the city of Baie D’Urfé, Volunteer Citizens on Patrol (VCOPS), and Baie D’Urfé Rescue who provided a first aid station. Track and Field was fortunate to be supported by the City of Pierrefonds, Pierrefonds Community High School, Student Sport Admins from PCHS, and again Baie D’Urfé Rescue. None would be possible without the help of volunteers, and the LBPSB staff members.