LBPSB Besties!

submitted by friends

We spend most of our weekdays at work… luckily, there are FRIENDS! Here is a look at some ‘LBPSB Besties’ from across the board who submitted photos for this feature.

Alexandra & Dahlia from Clearpoint

Alicia, Claudia, Kelly & Keren from St. Charles

Amanda, Kloe & Megan from Riverview

Andrea, Celine, Kevin, Lisa & Sabrina from Beechwood

Cassandra & Stephanie from Sunshine

Cindy & Matthew from Macdonald

Daniela, Dawn & Bessie from Westpark

Denise & Karyn from Gordon Robertson Beauty Academy

Denise & Lisa from Place Cartier

Emily & Tara from Place Cartier

John & Lindsay from Evergreen

Karina & Pamela from ESD & LaSalle Jr.

Kristy, Meghan & Samantha from Verdun

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