The Career Development Services Team Can Help Improve Job Prospects and Productivity

by Sonia Ruivo

If you have ever taken a software course or written a test at the Pearson Electrotechnology Centre, then you are familiar with some of the valuable offerings of the Career Development Services team.

This small, but impressive, team provides companies and individuals the tools they need to improve productivity and job prospects. They help candidates get their skills officially certified with the Recognition of Acquired Competencies process (RAC), also known as the recognition of prior learning. Career Development Services is the English language Centre of Expertise for RAC. They create assessment tools, train other school boards, and share best practices.

In addition, they offer businesses a variety of trainings, including professional development, software courses, and compliance training. Their testing centres offer several standardized government tests as well as custom diagnostic tests. These include language, software tests, and high school equivalency.

Career Development Services recently underwent a transformation. The team was formerly known as the Business Solutions Group. The transformation involved not only a name change, but a new logo, new colour palette, and a new website.

Coordinator Mark Newton says, “Over the years, the services provided by our team have expanded. The rebranding modernizes our overall look and gives our team access to updated tools. Our new website can handle course selection, payment, and class registration. In October 2021 our team joined the Communications and Community Development department. To reflect this development, we wanted the new look to be in line with the school board’s colour palette and logo.”