Welcome to Place Cartier!

by Sonia Ruivo

Centre Place Cartier Adult and Career Centre recently moved to their new location on Ambassador Avenue. Place Cartier is a West Island institution, having served the community for over 25 years. Over the years, as the centre added more programs, they outgrew their previous campuses. The new location gives Place Cartier room to house all their programs.


The new campus is accessible, large, and bright. There is a fully equipped student services room where students can receive extra help with their courses, as well as a silent exam area.
Place Cartier Adult Centre Director, Peggy Grant, is also thrilled that students have access to a full-size gym and large cafeteria. These areas give students places to gather and have fun.

Ms. Grant praised her staff for their help and patience as the centre navigated the move in multiple steps, to accommodate the various renovations. The Endeavour group and science classes are still housed at the former Beaconsfield Blvd location. A shuttle bus transports students between the two campuses. Ms. Grant is looking forward to the end of construction. “We are really looking forward to having the entire Place Cartier community under one roof. Both the Cartier community and my team are amazing.”

For the first time, Place Cartier is also offering a vocational program: Residential and Commercial Drafting. The 16-month program is taught using a hybrid model with students alternating between in person and online learning. The course prepares students to work in a variety of positions and industries, including design, architecture, and building engineering related jobs.

Centre Place Cartier Career Centre director, Jad Deegan, says “We are excited to welcome students to our new location on Ambassador Avenue. Design, drafting and building modeling programs are more in demand now than ever and continue to transform the way the industry operates. We are proud to continue to offer state of the art facilities for our students to collaborate with our amazing teaching team and tap their vast industry experience”