Top 10 Reasons Why Being Part of the HR Health & Safety Team is the Best Job Ever!

by Joanna Lucia, Sharon Lingle, Marlene Dixon, Jennifer Monk

Tucked away in a discreet corner on the first floor of Head Office is a small but mighty team responsible for the Health & Safety of the school board. This team manages medical leaves, work accidents, and absence management for all employees of the board. Here are 10 reasons why they think their job is the best job ever.

1. Great team environment

We work with a hard-working, collaborative group of people who are supportive and caring.

2. Support to people in difficult times

Helping employees through difficult life moments is challenging but ultimately rewarding. What we do matters.

3. Rewarding

Helping employees through a leave and see them return successfully is the best feeling!

4. Variety

The job is so varied. Every day is different. You really have to be able to think and act quickly. No time to be bored. EVER. Because of this, the day goes by so quickly! Blink and it’s noon, blink again and it’s time to leave.

5. Connections

We get to talk to every level of employee: caretakers, support staff, teachers, professionals and principals. We meet other employees in every type of job, so we forge a lot of connections and get a more varied perspective of all elements of the school board’s functioning.

6. Challenging

There are many moving parts in Health & Safety that relate to other HR dossiers, so we have to be always thinking about a bigger picture and not just on what the issue is in front of us.

7. Inclusive

Our opinions in our work are valued and we are included in major decisions and discussions. Input is welcomed, as we’re a valued part of a team.

8. Provides Perspective

Even on our more challenging days, we encourage one another and use humor to lift each other’s spirits. This type of positive environment empowers us to realize we can ask for help if needed and that we all strive for the same goal.

9. Support

Management is great with positive feedback, and a pat on the back for a job well done. Our hard work is always acknowledged!

10. Celebrations

We bond together as an HR department by occasionally having potlucks, dinners or little celebrations for holidays or special occasions. It allows us to connect with colleagues on a more personal level.