Top 10 Reasons Why Being a Pedagogical Consultant is the Best Job Ever!

by Sheila Dunwoodie, Scott Taylor, Marie Eve Lafortune, Katherine Davey, John Leblanc, Marc Albert Paquette, Josee Guillot, Nancy Battet, Amelia Rose Crerar

1) It is such a privilege to have a window into so many schools and so many teachers’ classrooms. We get to visit all the LBPSB schools, and every team’s commitment, passion and energy are palpable from the moment anyone walks into the building. Our role is to support teachers, but we collaborate with all the adults who create this welcoming atmosphere — principals, admin. assistants, daycare technicians, support staff, professionals… the list goes on.


2) Working with teachers! We enjoy helping teachers  with their projects — it’s exciting to see an idea grow into something tangible over the course of our collaboration. Whether it’s a robotics unit, an alternative science exam, a novel study, an entrepreneurship project, a podcast or anything in between, these things really make us tick!


3) The amazing team in Educational Services. Working in such a collaborative, dynamic environment helps us be sure we are offering the support a teacher needs at the time they need it. To borrow from “Peace Pal” programs across the board: “Together Everyone Achieves More” .


4) Working in a team helps us develop professionally from day to day and year to year. Like teachers, we grow by doing — and this job allows us to grow both personally and professionally.


5) The variety — our jobs are different each and every day. We have calendars full of challenges, opportunities, successes, failures, laughter & tears, in different buildings and contexts. There’s never a dull moment in a school or in ESD!


6) Being part of a Quebec-wide community of passionate consultants & educational leaders in the English community. We take part in committee work with people from all over the province and are always grateful for the opportunity to learn from one another.


7) The opportunity to engage with and learn from the most current research into teaching and learning, through attending professional development and networking with other professionals.


8) By helping teachers bring this research into their classrooms we see effective teaching practices in action. There’s nothing like the classroom environment to ground the research in a real-world setting!


9) Still being able to connect with students! We are all teachers and love being invited into classrooms to team teach or otherwise collaborate.


10) Learning about how “the board” works — working in ESD provides us a good picture of how we are all interconnected. This larger picture gives us a greater appreciation of the work teachers do and how fortunate we are to work alongside them.