Westwood Junior Students’ Opinions on the Ongoing War in Ukraine

by Casey Butcher and Mya Couture, Students at Westwood High Jr.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing war in Ukraine? Teenagers are using social media to share their opinions.


A common application that teenagers use to share their opinions is called TikTok, which is a video focused social network. Many users on TikTok are changing their profile pictures to ones that show support for Ukraine. Many students are also getting their information about the ongoing war from Tik Tok and many teenagers are posting videos about how the war has affected them, which is something we decided to ask Westwood Junior students about.
Reactions to this atrocious event vary. Some people are taking this event seriously. They think that what is going on is horrific and that Vladmir Putin needs to be stopped. One student said, “Putin is killing innocent people and that no matter who wins, there is tremendous loss on both sides.” Another student said that the war is “devastating” and that she is speechless. Someone said that they try not to think about it because they are trying not to lose their mind. One of our peers said, “Don’t fight fire with fire.”

Some students are furious about what Vladmir Putin is doing. A student said “Putin is delusional.” Some of our peers used colourful language to describe their anger and frustration. One person said “Putin needs to be put in time out.” Another said “Putin has an extremely dark heart.”
Everyone is dealing with the war differently. Some are sad, some are angry and some try not to think about it, which is understandable given that we are still living in a global pandemic.
There is a lot you can do to help!
Beaconsfield High School organized a thrift shop fundraiser for Ukrainian refugees. St. Thomas hosted a bake sale. Being educated is the best way to stop events like this from reoccurring.