The Prime Minister and the Paper Doll

by Karina Iermieri, Gr. 1 Teacher at Maple Grove,

photos by Adam Scotti (Photographer to the Prime Minister)

When a Maple Grove teacher tried to brighten her students’ day, she ended up confirming that “once a teacher, always a teacher” in a delightful way…

In September I told my students how badly I missed traveling.

I told them about the story of “Flat Stanley/ Clement Aplati” who traveled the world in an envelope.

So I decided to have them make paper dolls with the intention of sending them around the world. One student asked “can we send it to our president?” Why not? Our Prime Minister was a teacher after all! So I sent it via “snail mail” to Prime Minister Trudeau, not really expecting a reply.

When talking about my travels and the world, I realized that these are “COVID kids”. Their only real connection to the world is COVID and what country has what variant… they are sadly too young to remember travels and trips.


Today however, I received something unexpected… thanks to Adam Scotti (the official photographer of Justin Trudeau) who worked his magic!Our Prime Minister read our letter and took time out to make 14 students from Lachine, Qc (and their teacher too) extremely happy!

I guess it’s true what they say, once a teacher, always a teacher!

Zoom in on the pictures and see our doll wearing a Maple Grove uniform!