A Peek at the Canvas: December

by Frank Caracciolo

The most recent episode of The Blank Canvas with Frank Caracciolo is out now. Released on February 2nd, the episode features a conversation with business leader and educator Myron Weekes about education, Black History Month… plus a little insight into Frank and Myron’s shared history and how Frank got his start at the LBPSB!

Frank Caracciolo: We’re in Black History Month. People are noticing that, right, and you know like you’re a dad. So like how are you dealing with that in your own house? You know, like, like, how does that work? Like you have, you have children and they’re all different ages. You have three and the’re at different stages, right?

Myron Weekes: Yes, yes.

Frank Caracciolo: They’re young! So, so do you do anything for them? Do you talk about it?

Myron Weekes is a business leader and educator

Myron Weekes: You know, I don’t impress on it because I talk about it so often to me, yes, it’s February, yes, it’s Black History Month, but I mean, you know, being being a black man or being an African American or whatever title is that these days, I don’t know what it is anymore because I just see myself as someone who’s doing something of change and I would like to highlight the fact that that’s what these individuals do. These men and women of color were just doing something of change.

They weren’t trying to create this iconic image, but they were trying to implement change right?

So in my household, we talk about the people who change things, right? Oh yes, you could call it Black History Month, but these were innovators. These were creators.

These were looking at the way things were and understanding that change needed to be made so, do I talk about Black History Month in that same way that the school or the curriculum does? No, because to me, Black History Month is every month.

Man, I mean, that’s just how I feel, you know, but I do acknowledge and accept the fact that we should highlight all ethnicities, and if we happen to fall into February, OK, fine. Let’s do it, you know, but that’s just how I feel.

That’s my perspective.

Frank Caracciolo

Frank Caracciolo: Yeah, it’s great. And that’s, you know, because we do this alongside each other as well, but that’s one of my attention getters right, there’s no such thing as one month…

Myron Weekes: That’s it. That’s it…

Frank Caracciolo: It doesn’t exist! One month. And of course my motto is history happens every day for everybody, so everybody’s doing great things and even the students who are making their way, like you said, they’re making changes and they, you know, if you’re raising a family and you’re getting your kids into schools and you’re working hard, like, that’s one of those things we talk about.

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