A Peek at the Canvas: June

by Frank Caracciolo

The most recent episode of The Blank Canvas with Frank Caracciolo is out now, click here to listen. Released on June 7th, the episode is the season finale, and features Frank’s wide ranging ‘state-of-the-arts’ review. He talks about some of the amazing projects and people he’s seen and been involved with during the course of the 2022-2023 school year.

Frank Caracciolo: It’s me, Frank Caracciolo, your host for the Blank Canvas podcast. This is the final show of season three. I’m very proud to have done three seasons of the podcast already.
This is our 37th episode and I just wanted to talk to everybody today about the state of the arts at the Lester B. Pearson School Board. I’m very happy and pleased with the results from this year.
After Frank’s review, he closes out the episode as follows:
Just in leaving you, I just wanted to say that art and education is essential, it absolutely fosters creativity, critical thinking, it helps with communication skills, it’s key and in emotional development, cultural awareness (I don’t think of anything else that bridges cultures faster than art — whether you’re looking at art, studying art, or you’re making art or exploring art from another culture.) It works on our motor skills, our cognitive abilities, the collaboration between students. It’s just a wonderful thing when you let students go make art and they’re collaborating together, you watch that from afar. I think I mentioned that earlier Mike Gabe and I would just watch the students work and they just worked together so beautifully when they’re creating things.

Frank Caracciolo

You know, the overall academic enrichment that art brings to the classroom… I think that integrating it into curriculum, educators can provide students with a more well-rounded education that nurtures a holistic development in education and so, it is why I do this.
I’m just really happy and you know that there are students out there that that, you know, they might not excel in one topic inside the school, but in the arts they might do just really well. And we have to think about that.
We have to think about how students are working in our schools.
With technology being what it is, we have to embrace that and continue to integrate technology in the arts, and all the subject areas.
So I just wanted to give that last word about art education and thank you to everybody who’s listened in this past year.
It’s been a pleasure to do this.
It’s a lot of fun.
I learn a lot myself about other people and our colleagues, and I’m just really happy to share it and I hope I’ll see you back in season 4.
So, with that, I leave you. Have a great summer, everybody be safe and well and healthy and enjoy yourselves. All the best.

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