VOICES: A Social Justice Magazine

submitted by Emma Pitts, Editor-in-Chief

At Beaconsfield High School, a group of students along with their teacher mentor, Melinda Cochrane, created a social justice magazine called VOICES. This publication was a labour of love that the students have been working on since the beginning of the year and includes contributions by students and staff. Please see below for a message from the student editor of the magazine, Emma Pitts.

“Welcome to the first issue of Beaconsfield High School’s Magazine!

Beaconsfield High School’s social justice magazine, VOICES, aims to bring to light the many injustices our students feel passionate about. The magazine was a student-led project, working in collaboration with our BHS student writers, artists and poets.

Some of our articles include interviews from students, faculty and relatives of our writers. Some recount personal stories and opinions relating to the article’s subject matter.

Through voicing the many social issues faced by our student body and faculty, the VOICES magazine encourages a more open community, in which students feel comfortable to express their concerns and experiences openly with their peers and teachers.

The magazine covers subjects such as multiculturalism, racism, religious suppression and gender discrimination. While these topics may not cover every aspect of their subject matter, they aim to encourage students to dive deeper into understanding them, researching them and coming to their own conclusions.

Thank you for your patronage, enjoy our first issue!”

Emma Pitts 
Editor-and-Chief, VOICES magazine, Beaconsfield High School

Click here to view the digital copy of the VOICES magazine. Happy reading.