Chairperson’s Report to Council for April 2023

by Judy Kelley, Chairperson, LBPSB

I would like to start my report with a thank you to Vice-Chair Craig Berger for substituting for me this evening.
I would also like to thank the aspiring essayists for their excellent work and participation in the Montreal Lakeshore University Women’s Club writing contest where thoughtful ideas regarding our environment have been expressed so well. Bravo to you for participating and for being the finalists in the writing competition. Valuing written expression is something we should all embrace, knowing that putting thoughts to the page in writing, takes time, effort, and a love of language.
I would also like to mention an amazing cross-cultural project and partnership at St. Edmund Elementary School with its grade 6 students and the Kateri Elementary School students in Kahnàwa:ke. The students are learning about reconciliation through a joint song-writing project about reconciliation facilitated by the teachers and local musician Rob Lutes. This is a beautiful example of how education can enhance and enrich young students in their practice and knowledge of Truth and Reconciliation.
Another thank you this evening is to our LBPSB community for its coming together, once again, for those who were taken by surprise by the extent of the flash ice storm that arrived with a vengeance on April 5th. Swift action had to be taken to ensure our students’ safe return home as the storm moved in, not to mention the patience and kindness of daycare staff who stayed with children during this time until delayed parents could arrive. And, to follow, our facilities employees worked tirelessly to caretake at our schools and centres to mitigate and minimize possible flooding and tree damage to allow for safe passage. It is with deep gratitude that we would like to recognize the devotion of our employees to being the best they can be in such situations.
And, to our Adult Learners who we are celebrating this week. Perseverance is a word that comes to mind, knowing that going back to school is exciting, yes, but is never easy as students have to juggle their adult lives outside of the school day or evening in order to complete their studies and future plans to move on to the next steps of new careers or further study.
I would like to congratulate all students for this accomplishment, for taking on something new and for the future contributions you will be making to your community and our society.
And, I would also like to thank all of the teachers who have shared their knowledge and skills in providing students with opportunities to be the best they can be.
In conclusion, it is a pleasure to be in a position to express so many thank-you’s to our LBPSB community. Your thoughtfulness, commitment and kindness in the work you do is amazing.

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