Chairperson’s Report to Council for March 2023

by Judy Kelley, Chairperson, LBPSB

On Saturday morning, March 25th, Commissioners gathered with our senior Administrators, and under the guidance and leadership of Mathieu (Mat) Canavan, Director of Educational Services, to participate in a workshop as one part of the process of composing the LBPSB’s Commitment to Success plan for 2023-2027. This plan stems from the Ministry of Education’s draft Strategic Plan, and will also inform the work our school communities do in establishing their Educational Projects. Working together, in this way, in person (not on Zoom!) by sharing ideas and our passion about education, once again revealed to me the important work that we all do at the LBPSB to ensure the very best for all of our students. The success plan work will continue vigorously until the final document is complete and ready to share with our community, something we look forward to very much.
In the meantime, our committee and policy work continues at the school board on a weekly basis. Thank you to all who take the time to be there, to do the work after a long day of other work, and to contribute to exploring ways to maintain, build and strengthen the LBPSB. Our vision at the LBPSB is to maximize the potential of each individual while we value community, inclusion, innovation, integrity and respect.
This week the first installment of Battle of the Books will take place at the Board (Wednesday at 7pm). This is an exciting time for book lovers, and is also an opportunity to observe students who are passionately engaged in language and literature. Last week, some students participated in the Math Olympics over two evenings, another impressive way to celebrate numeracy and mathematics and to marvel at student energy and excitement. Behind the scenes are the coaches who devote their time to facilitating this learning and competition. Thank you for being there for the students. Of course there are many, many unique and invigorating ways in which students are being engaged at the LBPSB. This is such important and rewarding work. Thank you.
This month and in April people in our community are and will be celebrating and observing many different religious holidays and cultural events. During this time, families and friends gather to share joy, to think of others and of ways to make our world a better place. It is the time of year when we re-energize and look to the upcoming days of warmth, sunlight and hope for the good things to come. It is also a time to acknowledge one another with kindness and respect, something we strive for, every day, at the LBPSB.
This evening, I will end my remarks with the wise poetic words of the inspirational Amanda Gorman, a repeat closure from March 2022’s council meeting.

Every day we are learning
How to live with essence, not ease.
How to move with haste, never hate.
How to leave this pain that is beyond us
Behind us.
Just like a skill or any art,
We cannot possess hope without practicing it.
It is the most fundamental craft we demand of ourselves.