Chairperson’s Report to Council for October 2022

by Judy Kelley, Chairperson, LBPSB

With autumn, and this one has been stunning, there are usually changes around us, symbolized in my literary eye by the landscape of vibrant colours, and as nature has painted for us in recent weeks, astonishing hues accented by an abundance of sunlight. Among the cultural celebrations that also take place in the fall, throughout September and October, gratitude, hope and light are features.

Against this backdrop, there is also change at the LBPSB Council of Commissioners.

Tonight, we are welcoming two new student commissioners, Natasha Drouin, a grade 11 student from Beaconsfield High School, and Kayleigh Paré, a Grade 11 student from Macdonald High School. It is this council’s pleasure to have you join us at the Council table and we urge you to participate without hesitation as you bring your issues forward through the students’ lens. A warm, warm welcome to you both.

We are also going to be welcoming three new Commissioners who represent the Parents to our Caucus and Council who will be sworn in at our next Council meeting. I think we are all feeling sad that Sharad Bhargava, Patricia Ottoni and Susana Lazaro will be leaving us, and with the exception of Sharad who has been part of our Council of Commissioners for some time, we have not really had an opportunity to actually work together in person, an example of how we have adapted to different ways of working together during unprecedented times. It is difficult to say goodbye to you, Susana, Patricia and Sharad. A few more words about your work will be coming in up in our Agenda during Internal Communications. I hope there will come a time when you will join us again in another role.

We do, however, have Kris De Forest who is staying on and was re-elected to Council as the Commissioner representing High School parents. Thank you, and congratulations, Kris. We will be excited to work with our new Commissioners representing parents: for SNAC, Marium Hasanie, for Elementary Alaina Charszan, and At Large, Oumy Dia.

On that note, there was a big change at the Parents Committee in October. Long-time Chair of the Parents Committee, Shane Ross, has taken a step back from the role, after many, many years leading the Parent Committee through extraordinary changing times and key issues. I have great admiration for Shane’s leadership, empathy, compassion, fairness, commitment and dedication to education. Rest assured, Shane is not stepping away completely, as he is staying on as Vice-Chair. We cannot thank you enough, Shane for years of hard but I know you would say, rewarding, work. I would also like to congratulate Charline Downer, parent representative from Beurling Academy for stepping in as the Chair of PC. All the best to you, Charline.

Yes, at this time of year there is often change and transformation and much to do in preparation for the final months of the year. As we move forward in our work, I know we will continue to do so with respect and kindness and with the very best intentions to provide an excellent education for the students of the LBPSB.

Thank you.

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