A Lunch Club for Everyone at Christmas Park

by Martha Farley, Daycare Technician

It may be cold outside during the winter, but inside Christmas Park we are warm and cozy. Our students have the privilege of enjoying several lunch clubs which are run by amazing and wonderful lunch staff.

Italia Cianciell, one of our lunch supervisors, runs a very popular Arts and Crafts Club. After students eat their lunch, Ms. Italia goes to the daycare room where she welcomes the Arts and Crafts group. Their first project was to weave a Valentine heart for someone special.

The children used their imaginations and created some amazing work.
Another supervisor, our resident chess master, Hannah Dashwood, runs the popular chess club.

We also have Ms. Laurie Meneham, the Lego Mistress of our Lego Club. Ms. Laurie will be putting together challenges for the children.

Our last two clubs are knitting and dancing. Ms. Donna Coelho, a first-class knitter, will be teaching the children how to knit. The product will be a bunny for them to take home.

Even our little ones are enjoying the chance to learn a lifelong skill that is knitting. It is also a time where the children can be social and chat while working on their project.