Getting Your Hands Dirty

submitted by Mike Wilds, Resource & Elementary Teacher at Dawson Alternative School

On June 1st, 2023, the Grade 5 students from Madame Jessica’s and Miss Barbara’s classes at Christmas Park School participated in an on-going community service project with the Manoir Beaconsfield Retirement Home. Dawson Elementary School had the opportunity and privilege to be included in this project, as well.

Prior to the Christmas Break, the classes proceeded to venture over to the residence, walking through the snow and frigid temperatures. They sang Christmas carols to the residents on the front lawn of the property, where they were watched through the windows with big smiles. The classes also decorated the outside of the facility with decorations and ornaments they had made and that were donated by their families. It truly was a moving event for all, embracing the spirit of the holiday season.

The return on June 1st was to plant flowers in pots and hanging baskets around the property, along with the residents of the Manoir. With gardening tools and watering cans in hand, the students again walked over in the morning. Once there, they stationed themselves around the residents, who were already outside awaiting their arrival. Thanks to the skills and knowledge they acquired in their ‘Science et Technologie’ course taught by Madame Jessica on the unit ‘La Croissance d’une Plante’, the students did a magnificent job at creating beautiful floral arrangements.

Even with the scorching temperatures, the residents of the Manoir Beaconsfield appeared to have a wonderful time, engaging with all the students and staff. Bravo, Christmas Park School and Dawson Elementary School, for engaging in such a mutually beneficial and essential endeavor.

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