CSC: Emma Pitts

by Emma Pitts

Emma Pitts is the Vice-Chair of the Central Students Committee.


Hello! I’m Emma Pitts, the 2022-2023 Central Student Committee Vice-Chair. As a Secondary 5 Beaconsfield High School student, I’ve been involved in the community since 2018. I have ongoing experience hosting events, volunteering for charity organizations and educating our youth through presentations.

Being involved in student matters fulfills me because it familiarizes me with my community. I joined the Central Students Committee because I advocate for student rights. I aim to facilitate inclusive environments for students, being a vessel that brings their voices to light. I believe fostering a safe school experience for students encourages their education and growth. I’ve always been concerned with upholding the needs of students, hosting petitions and joining student committees to ensure this.

I was first introduced to the Central Students Committee last year by a former member, Amelia Ibanez. Although I only joined the group at the end of the 2021-2022 school year, I quickly became involved! I’m grateful to Beaconsfield High School’s Student Life teachers, particularly Mr. C.T., for involving me in the community since 2018. As well, I’d like to give a special thank you to our Central Student Committee’s Board Representative, Ms. Dixon, for her continued guidance and support to us executives! The tools acquired through learning from my mentors have allowed me to reach the community more effectively.

Emma Pitts, CSC Vice-Chair

In the short term, I wish to spread positivity and awareness in my community by hosting events and educational presentations. To work towards these goals, I’ve joined several groups, such as our School Board’s International Committee (IAC) and my school’s diversity committee (VOICES). With VOICES, we are currently planning our school’s Multicultural Day, which exposes the student body to cultures and traditions from around the globe! By getting involved in my school, I aspire to encourage schools across the province to reach out to their students.

Growing up in a family where open conversations were encouraged, I quickly developed an enthusiasm for self-expression. Growing up with two sisters, we always competed, making me a very persevering person. Having an unwavering mother and no-nonsense father, I developed a forward and open mindset. In my experience, directly and truthfully addressing complex and delicate subjects allows for more open-ended and developed conversations.

This mindset allows for free-flowing Central Student Committee meetings, which I often guide and lead. In addition, having two sisters who previously and currently attend my high school keeps me up to date with the concerns and problems that the Student Body faces. I then bring these issues to light in our committee meetings, where we work toward improvement.

I aspire to promote student leadership, encouraging my peers to work towards the achievement of their goals. I believe we all have something we can contribute to our community, and Lester B. Pearson’s Central Students Committee provides students with a positive and dignified vessel to do so!