CSC: Natasha Drouin

by Natasha Drouin

Natasha Drouin is the Co-Chair of the Central Students Committee and a Student Commissioner.


Hi there! My name is Natasha Drouin, and I am currently a grade 11 student at Beaconsfield High School. I am one of the Co-chairs of the Lester B. Pearson Central Students Committee, and am one of the LBPSB Student Commissioners.
I have been involved in youth governance for many years. Having always taken an interest in leadership, BHS’s Student Life team piqued my interest when I started high school. Our teacher supervisors did an incredible job of making the voices of the students involved feel heard, and this experience led me to seek out other leadership opportunities. Soon after joining Student Life, I went on to become a member of my town’s Youth Council, and a couple of years later I joined the Central Students Committee.

Natasha Drouin, CSC Co-Chair & Student Commissioner

Of these positions, the element that I enjoy the most is the ability to give a voice to my peers. As a student commissioner and as a part of the executive of the CSC, I strive to make sure that any issues that are important to our students are addressed at the school and/or board levels. For the remainder of my year with the CSC, I hope to continue to ensure that the voices of our students are heard.
At the moment, the Central Students Committee is preparing for our Teen Summit; a variation of the annual Senior Leadership Day. The students I have the honor of working with on this project have been incredibly dedicated to getting this event planned, and I’m very excited for how it is going to turn out. I’m looking forward to my remaining months working with the CSC, and can’t wait to see what wonderful things they continue to do next year, after I graduate.

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