New SEEDs and Daycare Week

by Dan Mullins

Quebec School Daycare Week was celebrated from May 15th to 19th this year. As part of the celebrations, the halls of the Lester B. Pearson School Board’s head office were decorated with beautiful hanging art from schools across the board’s territory.

This year was the 15th anniversary of the celebrations, which aim to highlight the many contributions and hard work of school employees who help educate students outside of their academic classroom hours.

From L to R, Superintendent of Daycare Services Rena Walters, Daycare Technicians Christine Arvanitakis; Daniela Arbogast; Ursula Dixon; Margaret Gogoris; Laura Sulano; Daycare Services Office Agent Petra Finke, and Daycare Technicians Daniela Lemmetto and Cathy Bruno

The theme of this year’s Daycare Week was “A World of Discoveries/Un univers de découvertes.”

Under the supervision of Rena Walters, the superintendent in charge of daycare services, daycare technicians set up the art, much to the gratification of head office staff and visitors to the building. A great deal of creative work had clearly gone in to the making of each, and to have them all assembled was a sight to behold.

This year was Ms. Walters’ first year coordinating the event. As the LBPSB’s newly appointed superintendent in charge of school daycares, she helped oversee the rebranding of the daycares, or rather the before-school, lunch, and after-school programming. Now known as Social Educational Extended Day or SEED programs, it is felt that the new name for the programming better reflects its true nature and alignment with schools’ educational projects. Previously a daycare technician at Riverview, Ms. Walters brings a wealth of experience to her new position, having been with the school board since its inception, and before that having worked for the now-defunct Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal.

The theme was provided by the Association Québécoise de la garde scolaire (AQGS) an umbrella association with ties to many of Quebec’s school boards, who provided the following description:
A World of Discoveries
Are you prepared to convene on a journey into the realm of school care?
This year, the Quebec School Daycare Week (QSCW) celebrates its 15th anniversary! For this special edition, the Quebec School Care Association invites the entire educational community to highlight the unfailing contribution of school care personnel, who, come rain or shine, contribute to the success and well-being of students.
The Quebec School Daycare Week will take place from May 15th to 19th. On this occasion, the educational community and parents are invited to cultivate their curiosity, delve into the world of school care, and embark on a quest to uncover the talents, passions, and imagination of those who collaborate on a daily basis to unlock the full potential of our youth. A world of endless possibilities awaits! Let us be daring and creative in expressing our gratitude to them!
A week where a myriad of facets will be unveiled. Come, enter, and discover!

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