Evergreen Open Doors: A Celebration of Learning

submitted by Shauna Beauchamp, Evergreen Literacy/Numeracy Specialist

Evergreen Elementary School is a K4-6 bilingual programmed school, located in the beautiful residential community Saint-Lazare, Qc. We held our first ever, “Evergreen Open Doors: A Celebration of Learning Evening” innovatively highlighting student learning with their families earlier this year, with phenomenal success.

The evening was derived from our February 13th Ped Day. The staff convened in small groups to discuss our School Success Plan specifically calling upon our community of 25 years, many of whom have tenured Evergreen for two generations. Due to Covid, our parental support had dropped significantly. We were brainstorming ideas to spark community involvement to rekindle Evergreen’s Community spirit when the idea broke through the discussion; let’s show the community how we do what we do! Let’s have the parents learn too, and let’s create a school family dynamic where we are all learners together….

The Evergreen families (students included) were encouraged to wander throughout the school and experience what amazing things were being done in their child’s classrooms as well as visit other homerooms to discover new wonders beyond their child’s four walls, or even their Jr. or Sr. hallways. The evening was not designed for specific reporting on students so the Evergreen staff took it upon themselves to contact families, on their own time, to ensure all academic follow ups were given. That being said, different activities were being held in every room encouraging families to, “Learn and Discover Together.” All teachers, including specialists, (Phys Ed., Music and Literacy/Numeracy) came together with integration aides, FSSTT, behaviour techs and support staff to welcome families, showcasing creative lessons, games and activities that they were able to complete as together, creating memories and fostering a feeling of belonging.

In order to show families how much we appreciate them, the teachers and staff came together with personal donations to the tune of four large gift baskets. These were beautifully wrapped and raffled as door entry prizes for simply visiting our school. We encouraged our Evergreen Home and School who held a bake sale and we encouraged our Grad Committee who held a 50/50 raffle with great success. The Evergreen Choir held impromptu shows in the halls, creating a buzz of spirt and a feeling of family, while guests enjoyed treats and had their pictures taken.

What a wonderful way to spend an evening with our Evergreen Community! Thank-You for the best parent-teacher evening in my 15 years.

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