John Rennie’s Achievement at First Lego League Robotics Tournament

Alex Rees
Secondary 3 student at John Rennie High School

Since the day we found out that John Rennie would be attending the First Lego League robotics tournament, it has given our team something to really look forward to.

In preparation for this big tournament, our team has been working hard since late fall in order to be ready. We’ve worked together, using our individual talents and skills, to gather ideas, create a presentation, build a robot, and code the various challenges. Although the tournament may have only been one day, the months of build-up and preparation has been one of my favorite parts.

On the day of the competition the whole team was very excited.

We were nervous at first, looking around at all the other teams and their amazing projects and robots. It was a little overwhelming, but once we got settled, I felt like we all regained our confidence. Although we ran into a couple setbacks with our robot, nicknamed Ed, we managed to overcome them and continue forward. When it came time for the awards ceremony, we were all overjoyed when we won the award for best presentation, and qualified for the next rank of competition, which is the provincials. While the trophy will remain an amazing memory of achievement, getting to spend more time working with our team is one of the best prizes ever.

As the provincial competition slowly draws closer, we are ready to work even harder than before. We know it will be tougher, but we now have experience, and we are going to use that to improve our robot, project and code, to take it to a new level. We are all very excited for the next steps, and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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