LCCHS & Allion Pay it Forward

by Megan Hughes, English Teacher at LaSalle Community Comprehensive High School

A couple of quick paragraphs describe a positive initiative! While it was never intended to be an article, we got wind of this, and thought it might brighten someone’s day.

LCCHS’ grade 7 and Allion grade 1,2 and 3/4 split students had a wonderful time reading stories, creating art and making posters about kindness, friendship and respect.

This is just one part of the grade 7 LCCHS students’ Pay It Forward initiative. Some of the art created will be delivered to the LaSalle Hospital Long Term Care facility.

Students have been challenged to spread kindness to school mates and family members as well. The grade 7s will use literacy and the arts to make an impression on others. A little act of kindness goes a long way.