LCCHS Holds Massive Annual Food Drive

by Dan Mullins

Helping for the Holidays

For the past 25 years at least, LaSalle Community Comprehensive High School has held a food drive. Over the years it has grown to be a massive event, bringing in students and staff along with alumni and members of the community. These days, they can provide around 50 baskets.

The approach is to do everything. They say yes to everyone who asks for help. They hold fundraisers, including but not limited to selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts this December, and have sponsors, including IGA Beck’s generous donations. Students distribute flyers to houses throughout the community informing households of the date and time at which students will return to collect donations.

On the collection night, a huge workforce of students, staff, alumni, and other volunteers fans out across LaSalle to collect bags of good and other donations. The logistics are impressive, with drivers and streets assigned to teams of volunteers.

The event is organized in part by Derek Mott, a science teacher at LCCHS for the past 20 years, who took it over after the retirement of Paul Sowney and Bob McKinnon. 

Baskets go directly to members of the community in need, and additional items and donations are made to charitable organizations, including St. Willibrord’s and Manna Verdun.

This event was covered by CTV news on the 7th of December. You can visit our Press Review page to see it and other stories about the LBPSB community, or click here to watch the video.