Maple Grove Elementary is Hoping to Create a New Generation of Environmental Change Makers

by Karina Iermieri

In December, a group of grade 3 students from Maple Grove Elementary participated in a hands-on candle making workshop with the support of Alvéole (a nature-based bee program that offers endless opportunities for cross-curricular educational exploration). Each student made their own hand-dipped beeswax candle while exploring the history of this centuries-old practice.

This workshop provided children with the opportunity to understand, engage and learn from honeybees while connecting with the natural environment. Doing so by developing science, technology skills.

Through the study of honeybees and other pollinators, students have learned about the importance of a healthy food supply and have begun developing the skills necessary to act as environmental change makers, especially by learning how to protect the dwindling honey bee population.

Maple Grove is proud to have a hive on the roof of the school. This initiative began in 2021. Since then, they have harvested many jars of honey as well as helped protect these pollinators. This project has had a positive impact on the environment as well as on students.