LBPSB a Proud Participant at This Year’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade

by Cindy Finn

Participating in the St. Patrick’s Day parade is a time-honoured Lester B. Pearson tradition; every year, our school board typically has a float in the parade featuring high school students.

It’s such a fun event and brings together so many people along the streets of downtown Montreal. This year, I had the pleasure of joining in the fun and walking with our LBPSB float! In the past, we have always had a float that featured a high school band, but this year, we tried something different. This year, Terry Fox Elementary School stepped up and proposed that their band, comprised of 28 elementary school students (from grades 4, 5 and 6), was up for the challenge of entertaining the large crowds.

Their music teacher, Corey Craigmyle, was keen to give this a shot, and so off we went to the parade. The Terry Fox band was incredible! The students arrived prepared, braved the cold temperatures, and played their hearts out during the parade to proudly represent Terry Fox elementary and the LBPSB. Bravo to these young musicians; this is an experience they will remember forever. I am so proud of their hard work and determination in making the day such a success. Thank you to Mr. Stewart, Mr. Craigmyle, and the students and parents of Terry Fox who made this year’s LBPSB experience at the St. Patrick’s Day parade so memorable!