We Appreciate You

by Judith Kelley, Chair of the LBPSB Council of Commissioners


Cindy Finn, Director General of the LBPSB

The LBPSB is celebrating Staff Appreciation Week with all our employees from February 13th to February 17th.

Over the course of the week, we will be recognizing the outstanding contributions of Lester B. Pearson staff and express our heartfelt appreciation for your tremendous dedication and commitment.

We have prepared a social media campaign to promote everything you do in terms of making such a positive difference across the LBPSB throughout the school year. As well, we have compiled many comments from the board community that will be delivered to schools, offices and centres in the form of “love letters.”

This year we will also be running radio ads for one week on CJAD, Virgin and CHOM. This will be a wonderful opportunity to publicly thank our workforce for helping us to continue being leaders in learning.

Finally, keep your eyes open for a special treat that will arrive at your school/office that is a token of our appreciation for everything you do. We hope you will enjoy it.

These gestures are just one way to thank all of the LBPSB staff. And while our week of celebration only lasts for 5 days, our gratitude for everything you do has no end-date.

Thank you for making such a positive difference and for all you do for the students of the LBPSB.