Teens Taking Action!

by Darren Becker

LBPSB High School Students Hold Teen Leadership Summit to Address Concerns

On March 29th, students from different LBPSB high schools gathered to address key issues that are important to them as part of the Teen Leadership Summit. The one-day event was held at the LBPSB Head Office and was an initiative of the school board’s Central Students Committee. The main objective was to address a wide array of student priorities and topics that they would like the school board administration to address, where possible.

“The fact that we were able to bring representatives from all our high schools together on a single goal is pretty amazing. We often call our students leaders of tomorrow but they’re really leaders of today so we need to prepare them so they can be leaders among their peers and make that difference that we’re always talking about,” said LBPSB Regional Director Debi Dixon who helped oversee the organization of the summit.

Group discussions also featured the use of the Incubator 2.0 workshop which focuses on interactive videos in a team-based environment. The goal was to foster student initiatives, projects, and activities while developing project-building skills in a classroom environment. Another area of focus was to inspire and support future leaders and innovators.

The workshop was also designed to teach students how to take action and tackle issues that are important to them like global warming and social justice.

A summary of the day’s activities will be presented to the LBPSB’s Council of Commissioners by the school board’s two student commissioners at their next meeting.