A Local Hero for Every Season at Terry Fox Elementary with the Equipment Services Department

by Douglas Stewart

Helping for the Holidays

Robert Macneil, of the Equipment Services Department, is well known to many schools for his bi-weekly mail deliveries and pick-ups, among many other roles he has played with our school board over the years.

Robert has added one more very special task to his workload, playing Santa Claus for elementary school children and their families.

As part of a Terry Fox Elementary fundraiser for the On Rock food bank, Robert’s kind and gentle enthusiasm for an important cause helped the school raise over $1000 dollars in support of local families needing a helping hand with their groceries this holiday season.

Throughout the evening of Thursday, December 2nd, Terry Fox Elementary’s Student Portfolio Celebration was a great opportunity for us to offer a family photo with Santa in exchange for a small cash donation to On Rock. Robert patiently posed for many photos and had conversations with excited children in awe of having the ‘real Santa’ in their school.

Robert didn’t take much convincing to help us with this worthy cause. Then again, each week Robert embodies Santa’s generous spirit with his visits to our schools.