Top 10 Reasons why LBPSB
Staff are the Best!

by Cindy Finn, Director General, LBPSB


This Staff Appreciation Week, I wanted to share some of the many ways in which Lester B. Pearson staff members show themselves to be extraordinary. There are a million things to appreciate when it comes to our personnel. As a start, here are my top 10 reasons why the staff at the LBPSB is simply the best!

1) Talented and Experienced

Every member of our staff brings a unique experience and valuable set of skills to the table. When these talents are brought together, amazing things are accomplished.

2) Caring

Working in education is a labour of love, and our employees put so much love into everything they do. They care about students and each other as well as take pride in their work.

3) Hardworking and Dedicated

Our staff works very hard to bring the best forward for our learners. They dedicate considerable time and energy to their job, often going above and beyond for their students and colleagues.

4) Passionate

Our team is comprised of incredibly passionate individuals. Much of our success can be attributed to the zeal that LBPSB staff display in their work every day.

5) Innovative

I am always impressed by the innovative spirit of our staff members. From exciting lesson plans, brilliant new ideas, and positive approaches to problem solving, our personnel do all they can to help students succeed in new and creative ways.

6) Inspirational

I’ve always admired how the employees of the LBPSB not only inspire our students and our community, but they uplift each other every day.

7) Fun

Each day brings a new opportunity to appreciate the lighter side of life, and our staff always delivers. From making learning fun for our students to making it enjoyable to come to work, Lester B. staff know how to infuse joy into school and centre life!

8) Creative

Creativity can be found in every corner of the LBPSB. We are so fortunate to have a team of educators who dare to dream big, imagine a brighter future, and inspire our students to do the same!

9) Friendly

Within every school, centre, and department you will find companionship. The LBPSB isn’t only a place to work, it is a place to be surrounded by friends.

10) Community-oriented

Every member of the LBPSB staff contributes to and is a part of this wonderful community we are strengthening together.