Top 10 Reasons why Being a P.E. teacher is the Best Job Ever!

1) You get to enjoy the process of creating activities and games for my students. 

2) You are already the coolest cat without even trying to be.

3)Everyday someone thanks you for making their day better because they are with you in Phys Ed 🙂

4) Having the students succeed and seeing the smiles on their faces when they do!

5) Get to stay active and teach kids the important of physical activity.

6) Feeling like a rockstar when all the little kindergarteners are calling your name whenever they see you outside of the gym.

7) That great feeling at the end of the day when all your lessons went perfectly, all the games and activities were fun and challenging, all the students had a blast and everyone participated well (let’s be honest, not all days end like this!)

8) Being a positive role model for my students.

9) My omnikin ball.

10) Seeing students faces light up and smile when they are playing and having fun!