Happy Valentine's Day!

by the Couples

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2023, the Pearson News presents LBPSB Sweethearts! We asked you to submit photos of you and your partner who both work at the school board, and you did not disappoint. Here are but a few of the LBPSB lovebirds out there.

1. Joey and Sam
Joey Stallone (AKA Mr. Joey) and Sam Mariani
The couple met at Westpark elementary in 2017 and started dating in 2019. They both still work for the board. Sam is currently doing a replacement post at HR but will be returning to a school at the end of the school year as an elementary school secretary. Joey is a Phys Ed teacher currently at children’s world academy.

2. Kiara and Marc
Kiara Hamelin-Iafano and her husband, Marc Wetering, are in a unique situation! They not only work at the same school but we have been teaching partners for almost 14 years! They are the Phys. Ed duo at Westpark Elementary School. They literally spend every single day side by side! Kiara writes “I know it sounds crazy but we love it and we make it work. We look forward to finishing our careers together in this amazing schoolboard.

3. Marc and Emily
Emily and Marc started dating in 2009 when they were students at Macdonald High School. After completing university in 2015, they both started working as teachers at LBPSB. They got married in 2020 and are still working in LBPSB schools. Emily Spence works at Terry Fox Elementary School and Marc Hamel works at Pierrefonds Community High School.

4. Natalia and Andrew
Natalia Szewczuk and her husband Andrew Walsh met in 2010. Natalia works at the daycare at Head Office and Andrew works in IT support at the West Island Career Centre and Gordon Robertson Beauty Academy!

5. Nissa and Lori

Nissa Grant and her wife Lori Matthews met in 2010 while working together at Sunshine Academy. Nissa now teaches Grade 6 at St. Patrick Elementary while Lori works as a daycare educator and lunch monitor at Edgewater and St. Pat’s. They have been together for 12 years and married for five.

6. Steph and Evan
Evan and Steph met while working together in 2010. Evan is a Phys Ed. teacher at Beaconsfield High School and Steph is a resource teacher at Maple Grove. They are married and have three children.

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