Sponsoring Families at Westpark

by the Westpark Community

Helping for the Holidays

As it has every year for over 10 years, Westpark once again invited the families of students to help less fortunate families. They asked for help in bringing relief to some of the many people in Montreal who do not enjoy the security of knowing if they can provide food for their families on a daily basis.

The need is greater than ever this year in the West Island, Montreal and throughout Canada, hitting an all time high in 2022, with more people struggling to keep up with the rising cost of living and in the aftermath of COVID.
Westpark requested that families of students provide specific items. Specific details about the families each class was helping was provided to the students and their parents by the class’s teacher. Along with monetary donations and gift cards, they also accepted new gifts – reminding those wrapping gifts to indicate which family member it was for! Turkeys and other perishables will be purchased with money collected.
Westpark Families also participate in the delivery of the “Holiday Baskets”!