A Wardrobe in Westwood

by Dan Mullins

Lots of interesting things have been going on at Westwood Sr. lately, not the least of which is a new thrift shop that opened earlier this year. Named the Westwood Wardrobe, the shop is run entirely by the school’s Work oriented Training Program students.

The students have been gaining experience running a business and learning the varied and complex skills that go into making the thrift shop a success. They have been responsible for everything, from working the register, counting the cash and taking inventory, to working the door and helping to serve customers. They collect the clothing donations and wash, fold and display the items for sale. They even designed the logo and built the clothing racks.

Students Noah-Ray S., Nathan W., Keirra G., Zach T., Vivelle, Logan P., and Charles C.

Funds raised by the shop will go to beautify the grounds at Westwood Senior, with plans for a zen “Peace Garden” in the works. This is a continuation of the way in which the WOTP class has been a positive presence in the community under the direction of their teacher, Ms. Kelly Delorme who is new to the school but has made her presence felt, putting her 27 years of teaching experience at the service of her students.

“The students cleaned up a 93-year-old Hudson resident’s property after the ice storm,” said Ms. Delorme, “and with this project they continue to inspire me.”

The Westwood Wardrobe has a selection of clothing for resale among which are sure to be found some real treasures, as well as accessories and water bottles. WOTP students also personalize and distribute the school’s Grad Hoodies and have taken over responsibility for the sale and distribution of the gym t-shirts. As well, in the coming 2023-2024 school year, the program will be distributing the Westwood uniforms, a major undertaking, as starting August 31st, 2023, the school will complete its transition to a mandatory uniform policy. The new uniforms are being made available in a wide selection of styles, from polos to fleeces, crew neck sweatshirts, hoodies and t-shirts in several colours and with varied Westwood branding.

Besides contributing to WOTP student learning through the creation and running of a small business, the project presents opportunities for Westwood students to obtain quality goods at low cost. It also promotes reducing consumption and re-using goods.

Ms. Delorme with Westwood Students

So far, the Westwood Wardrobe has been a hit with students, with lineups to get in during their Thursday lunchtime opening hours.

CBC Reporter interviews Students Working at the Westwood Wardrobe

Word is spreading, too. In late March, CBC news ran a story on the Westwood Wardrobe, which you can see by clicking here.
Congratulations to the WOTP class!

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